2000L brew equipment brew house , located in Sweden, produced by CQINDUSTRY

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Soft drinks,beer, wine equipment,instant food ,puffed food machines make you money! Union of food machine and brewery equipment manufacturer

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microbrewery equipment

plant brewery

1batch --10 batches per day
2--2000 KL daily

Food machines

You can setup instant noodeles, snack food plant right away.

Get cost of accessary for whole plant purchase!

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Customers reviews

It is very splendid, and looks nice, I love it, and hope start my new business.
Lunia Williams

Deal of The equipment & machines on steel cost!

It is only stainess steel and red copper cost, so low!

I brew twice a week, and got 1000L, and 12000 $ per week sold.
Mike Burs
Certified workshops
different temperaturedifferent drinks