Investing partner

Food and brew equipment and technology members in China is keen to explore the possibility of joint vesting in EU, and other countries and districts.

Makret purchase ability is well enough;

The partner has got land/workshops/capital for purchase full equipmet/part equipment/ running of the project in the following fields;

  1. food and brewery industry
  2. energy like power, oil, gas , natural energy
  3. mental procession
  4. All above items of 3 are involving our technology and equipment
  5. Total investing budget is over 200, 000 Euro, /GBK/USD
  6. We enjoy same national citizen welfare and positon as a invester at local countries and districts.
  7. If joint investing project fails, the local part can payback to us the original amount of money , plus 5% of complex benefit annually, before get seperated.

Contacting : Investing promotion Office of Food & brew Office :, any request will be passed to different member companies for excuting. And a reply letter to the requester for confirmation of receipt.

Any investing project should be keep secret to the Public.