1000L microbrewery equipment

$100,000.00 $78,000.00

10BBL  microbrewery equipmet, 1000L  microbrewery equipment for pub,  is designed for North American market,  all obey local market standard,  it is suitable to world brewery.

Main parts (like  10HL fermentors, brew house )ready stock at moment,  delviery within days.

It is also made of sus304,  and sus321,  pharmacentical  procession is also suitable.

It is produced by CQINDUSTRY,  WHILE THE STRONGEST  IN tchnology, brewery equipment procession in North China, with profectional university labs .

And  also another two small brewery equipment  workshop is included, to enable spare parts speeding up  procession.


Do you need  a technical partner for your local management, mainly support you in technology and  insufficent capital?

Contact us.

Do you need special snack food (puffed , flavoured food ) instant food machines,   and other soft drinks like coca drinks  and non alcohol  drinks with  medical function?

You can get one set of equipment,  two or more procession drinks,  products for your business.

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Microbrewery equipment for Hotel ,Resturant ,Barbecue ,Ginshop,Groggery,pub bar, Sidewalk snack booth, while craft beer, finebeer is served, in keg or bottle.

And you can choose ,100L. 200L,  300L,  500L  ,1000L  and less capacitymicrobrew equipment.

Space is limited, and capacity is not fixed daily,  we need consider anddesign a suitable microbrewery equipment for customer.

All  are welded with TIG,  polished to 0.6um, 0.4um, even 0.2um.

microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment

microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment

1000L  microbrewery equipment| beerequipment|fermentor|keg equipment  for two operation model: automatic and manualoperation. All  valves and linkers are of American standard, supporting  PLC automatic operation and manual operation:Specifications are as follows:

Similiar model is still running in a place near California,  USA.

Note : Default manhole is top flange manhole,   if  need side manhole  on topor side tank ,  price should be confirmed.


All stocks will be top flange manhole model.    Can be dispatched within days.


 list of 1000 L draft beerequipment

                    model list CQM-5 QUAITITY RENARKS
mill  roll Mill for malt 400kg/h 1 piece 3KW
Attached fitting 1 set INCLUDINGHOPPER
brew house system Brew kettle/whirlpool 1000L 1 piece Sanitary stainless steel, original 2B grade inside, shell covered copper ,mirror grade
Lauter tun/ 1000L 1 piece Sanitary stainless steel, original 2B grade inside, shell covered copper ,mirror grade
mounting Skid steps, 1 1 piece Sanitary stainless steelfourdrinier pipe , original 2B grade
Wort pump 3 t/h 1 piece Stainless steel pumphead,0.75KW
Heat exchanger 8 ㎡ 1 set Sanitary Stainless steel plate HeatExchang,the carbon steel frame
Aeratation linker(venturetube) 1piece Sanitary Stainlesssteel
pipeline 1set Sanitary stainlesssteel
Tools: Full set 1 parcel
Fermenting system Fermentation tank 1000L 4 pieces polished to 2Bgrade
Fermenting tank 15bbl 1 2b grade
]Butterfly valve and ball valve,temp. metes, sensors, pressure meters Complete, AAAgrade
Beer serving tank   Bright servingtanks 1000L 5 2mm thick , 2B  grade, singlewall
Butterfly valve and ball valve,temp. metes, sensors, pressure meters Complete, AAAgrade 2b or mirrorgrade
Filter system filter 1m3/h 1 piece Sanitary stainless steel
pipe and valve 1 set Above mentioned
Attached fittings Full 1 AAA  grade
CIP System Clearing tank 300L 1 pieces 2B grade
Clearing pump 1t/h 1 piece
Pipe and valve mixed 1 set Above mentioned
Chiller system Cold tank 2000L 1pieces Abovementioned
Evaporator copper 1 sets
Cold compressor 7HP 1 teams 6KW
pump 3t/h 1 pieces 0.75KW
Pipe and valve 1set Sainary stainlesssteel
Controllingsystem General controllingcabinet 700 ×1200 1 set
Controlling cabinet for chiller 500 ×700 1 set
Special tools Profetional wrench for liner DN32, DN38 FULL SET
Heating pipe wrench DN35 1 set With handle
Groove rake 120cm 1

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