500L microbrewery equipment

$60,000.00 $49,000.00

the list of 500L beer-brewing equipment  covering all main equipment and accessaries.


the list of 500L beer-brewing equipment

    Filtering tank
    Mashing  kettle
    Liquor pump
    Combined pipes
    Frequency converter
    malt mill
    Heat-exchanging machine
    Oxygen adder
     Fermenting tank
    Valve pipe
    Cooling pipe
    Thermal meter
    Pressure meter
    Cold watertank
    refrigeration compressor
    Ice water pump
    Pipe & valve
    Power controlling cabinet.
    Meter controlling board
    Refrigeration board
    PLC control board
    Washing tanks (CIP SYSTEM)
    Mobile pump
    Valve & pipe
    Little wooden keg
    Beer valve
      Soft HOSE 00


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